Protective inverter transportation and installation bag for Siemens Gamesa Inverter Module


The SiTSAFE is an innovative inverter transportation and installation bag specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by transporting SICS inverter modules in the offshore wind sector, suitable for use on 6, 7 and 8MW Siemens Gamesa wind farm turbines.

The bag enables technicians to move sensitive equipment to the top of wind turbines safely and securely, minimising manual handling by 90%. 

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SitSAFE Protective Bag Component Protector from Windfarm Worksafe

Quality & Standards

  • SiTSAFE has passed numerous rigorous tests including vibration, impact and crush set by our clients
  • SiTSAFE conforms to the packaging requirements for Stacks
  • Fully compliant with British and International Standards
  • Conforms to BS & IEC standards having undergone extensive load and lifting testing
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Key Features of the SiTSAFE

  • Handles enable 4 people to lift the product easily
  • Complete protection; casing soft enough to hit a tower without causing damage to the tower, and tough enough to protect the component inside
  • Water-resistant protection - tested and approved for use in all weather conditions
  • Reusable solution


The SiTSAFE soft bag is ideal for use:

  • By technicians when transporting and moving the SICS inverter modules to the top of wind turbines
  • In the offshore wind sector, during the installation of wind turbines where safety during lifting is a major area of concern
  • On both offshore and onshore wind turbines
  • Moving Delta modules around the site, to the towers, on the dockside, and on various methods of transportation i.e. forklifts, trucks, vans
  • All weatherproof conditions

Helping protect your workforce and critical components.


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SitSAFE Protective Bag Component Protector from Windfarm Worksafe

Operational and maintenance benefits 

  • Customer feedback states 100% reduction in warranty claims when the SiTSAFE is used during transportation
  • Proven timesaving of 8 man-hours when replacing 8 SICS modules
  • Minimizing O&M spend per replacement for your on offshore wind turbines

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