Specialists in the supply of innovative, tailor-made safety solutions for the wind industry.

Safeguarding the health & safety of workers, and protecting critical electrical and mechanical components from damage.

Why our customers choose our products?

Our products are chosen by wind industry clients for a number of reasons, depending what the specific objective is.

We've summarised below some of the reasons you might choose to use on of our protective bags rather than a more traditional alternative.


Why wind turbine technicians have chosen to use our critical component protective bags.

  • Easier to handle – by using the integrated handles on the DELTAsafe and SiTsafe bags 4 people can correctly lift equipment, instead of the usual 2, due to restrictions on places to lift on the actual module
  • Less harm at workthe bags have been designed for use by technicians, and also with H&S officers to eliminate hazards identified using traditional flight cases and cardboard boxes to replace the modules
  • No more heavy lifting - can utilise the crane hooking point to position modules without having to manually lift the product as much.  Each module weights approx 120kgs, manual handling states it should be a 4 person lift, however the practicallity of 4 people lifting the module in the traditional method was pretty much impossible, by creating lifting areas on the bags, you can now have a 4 person lift when needed
  • Quicker to install - by keeping the module attached to the crane when lifting, while the module is attached to the crane, you can easily remove the bag from around the bag whilst its on the crane, instead of the traditional method of placing the module on the floor, unhooking it from the crane, opening the flight case / box and re-attaching to lift 
  • Less likelihood of accidental damageas the bags are very robust and built to withstand rough handling, the bags have had strict test done on them with working modules inside, once tests were complete, we then tested the modules to check we had not damaged any of the sensitive components within, tests such as impact, crush, heat & tearing 
  • Ability to lift the equipment in higher windsby having a system that protects the module so well, the bags can be used in wet weather & rougher seas, as the protection offered by the bag has been tested to do this
  • Quicker to replace modules and re-pack old modules into the system
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Cost Saving Benefits

Damage caused to electrical and mechanical components during lifting and installation can amount to millions of Euros in write-offs and warranty charges every year.

Our critical component protection solutions have already saved the industry an estimated €30 million in damaged or destroyed power modules resulting from being dropped, knocked or simply mishandled during lifting onto and off the tower platforms, as well as inside & outside the towers.

As the offshore industry expands and larger and larger turbines are installed, more power modules will be needed in each turbine, incurring a greater cost.  The range of specialist protective solutions from Windfarm Worksafe can ensure that damage and loss of these sensitive electrical and mechanical devices is kept to a minimum.


Innovative products that help protect the environment

Windfarm Worksafe are passionate about developing innovative products that will help the wind industry reduce waste and damage caused to equipment, helping make substantial cost savings as well as protecting the environment.

Waste is the result of using materials inefficiently. Waste costs are twofold as you pay once for materials that you don't use and then a second time to get rid of them.

Our products are designed to be used multiple times, instead of being a one use solution, and  by eliminating damage to sensitive equipment during transportation and installation, we reduce the need to send out replacements, minimising transportation and personnel costs.

Helping reduce waste and make the future green


Windfarm Worksafe - Helping make the future green
BSiF Safety Excellence Award - Highly Commended 2019

Members of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF)

Workplace Worksafe are members of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSiF) Registered Safety Supplier Scheme.

BSiF is the lead association for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive and is recognised as a Competent Authority by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

We have recently been awarded the BSIF Highly Commended award in the Safety Excellence category for work carried out in partnership with Siemens Gamesa in the development of the DELTAsafe and SiTsafe critical component protectors .  

This award recognises major improvements in occupational safety as a result of a supplier/customer project.

Our Story

Windfarm Worksafe is a division of Workplace Worksafe based in North Wales in the UK.

As a leading supplier of health and safety solutions in the UK, Workplace Worksafe were approached by Siemens Gamesa in 2013 to work with them to develop a solution to a problem that was costing the company a significant amount of money each year.

The challenge surrounded the transportation of wind turbine inverters.

Traditionally these had been transported up the turbines in cardboard boxes strapped to a pallet or in traditional flight cases.

For every five inverters that were issued, three would be returned damaged.

The challenge was to make a product tough enough to withstand the environment and application, but not to damage the component or the tower during lifting.

Working in partnership with Siemens Gamesa for five years, Workplace Worksafe developed the prototype DELTAsafe critical component bag with the specific task of transporting safely the Delta Module inverters used on Siemens Gamesa offshore and onshore wind farms.

Siemens Gamesa subsequently introduced a new inverter for the newer models of their turbines, with Workplace Worksafe being asked to help with the transportation solution for the full transportation cycle due to the success of the DELTAsafe bag. This led to the company developing a new critical component bag for the company called SiTsafe.


The critical component soft bags reduce the need for human intervention. Workplace Worksafe developed a way in which the product could be lifted using an innovative system which complimented the way the teams work offshore, and also reduced some of the workload.

 “Utilising our extensive knowledge of health and safety legislation, and by looking at the problem in a unique way, we came up with a solution that protects products like we would people.

“The solution is really innovative and simple, but a great demonstration of how logical health and safety solutions can bring huge benefits to the user, not only in actual use, but in cost saving benefits. Even more important, it makes the job a lot easier and safer to do because we have removed a lot of risk involved with the task.”

Rhian Parry, Founder and Managing Director, Workplace Worksafe




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