Innovative load tested wind farm protective lifting bag

About LIGHTsafe

A LOLER compliant innovative load-tested wind farm protective lifting bag specifically designed for the onshore and offshore wind farm industry.

LIGHTsafe helps protect strip light or bulb emergency lighting during the transportation, installation, repair and maintenance of wind turbine towers.

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LIGHTsafe Protective Bag for use on wind turbines
LIGHTsafe protective component protector


The LIGHTsafe’s smart features will help your O&M team improve their overall operational efficiency. Giving you better protection for your team and equipment.

  • LIGHTsafe is load tested to SWL 15kgs
    with built-in strip lighting housing pockets (if higher/lower load test is needed this can be arranged). Making it an easier lifting system as there is no need to use a bag within a load tested bag.
  • Your wind farm technicians simply remove the case containing the bulb, switch them with a new product, and slot the broken item back in the bag.
  • LIGHTsafe is proven to limit the damage to bulbs during transportation, and reduce the risk of hazardous gases.
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Quality & Standards

  • Static test and coefficient used.
  • Conforms to load testing regulations, SWL 15kgs (or higher if needed). 
  • Fully compliant with our product specification which was developed in accordance with EN ISO 12100 and National Supply Legislation
  • Fully complies with Section 6 of the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 for the UK.

When to use

  • For use by wind turbine technicians;
    • replacing emergency strip light casing and bulbs in towers
    • can be used with internal tower crane to hold the bag in place; making the task of replacing the emergency light bulbs and light casing easier for the technicians who are climbing the tower ladder while replacing the parts.


LIGHTsafe Protective Bag for Wind Turbines



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