An innovative inverter protective system for the transportation and lifting of the SICS inverter modules

Introducing the SiTsafe inverter protective system

The SiTsafe is an innovative, lightweight, and strong multi-functional (3-1) inverter protective system for the transportation and lifting of the SICS inverter modules in the offshore and onshore wind industry 

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SitSAFE Protective Bag Component Protector from Windfarm Worksafe
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  • The SiTsafe's innovative, lightweight casing will help you protect your critical components, and reduce warranty claims on your power modules.
  • The SiTsafe’s smart features will help your O&M team improve their overall operational efficiency, and reduce manual handling by 90%.
  • The SiTsafe is a reusable and sustainable inverter protective system that will help your business reduce costs and save time.

Quality and Standards

SiTsafe has passed numerous rigorous tests including vibration, impact and crush set by our clients.

  • SiTsafe conforms to the packaging requirements for stacks
  • Fully compliant with British and International Standards.
  • Conforms to BS & IEC standards having undergone extensive load and lifting testing.
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When to use

The SiTsafe inverter protective system is ideal for use in all weather conditions onshore and offshore. Specifically:

  • Transporting SICS inverter modules.
  • Installing of wind turbines both offshore and onshore, where safety during lifting is a major area of concern.
  • Moving SICS modules around the site, to the towers, to the dockside.
  • Hoisting SICS modules to the top and base of the wind turbines.
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