An innovative, dropped objects protective equipment sleeve

About CABLEsafe

CABLEsafe is an innovative, dropped objects protective system. It is lightweight and easy to use, and is designed specifically to remove the gap between the YAW cables and platform on wind turbines.

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CABLEsafe’s smart features will help your O&M team improve their overall operational efficiency. CABLEsafe will help you reduce the risk of dropped objects during standard operation and maintenance on the wind turbines.

  • CABLEsafe sleeve can be fitted around the lip of the base of the cable array at the top of the tower and securely tightened to hold it in place at the top of the tower.
  • CABLEsafe is easy to use with quick-release, and tighten straps that attach to the YAW cable array platform gap base. There is also an easy access point to the emergency stop button.
  • CABLEsafe is made from robust, durable material. This reduces the risk from dropped tools cutting, and falling through to the lower platform and injuring anybody working underneath the top platform.

When to use

  • CABLEsafe enables technicians to work safely on the upper platform and lower platform on the wind turbines, without the risk of dropped objects falling between the gap on the upper platform to the lower platform.
  • Specifically designed to remove the gap between the YAW cables and platform on wind turbines.


Yaw Cable Array
Yaw Cable Array



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