Additional Inverter Protective Covers

Providing additional protection during extreme weather conditions

The DELTAsafe® & Sitsafe Extreme Weather Cover

Introducing a new complementary product, the DELTAsafe® and SitSafe Extreme weather covers part of our inverter protection range.

The Extreme weather cover provides an additional layer of protection for your critical components during transportation.

It’s a waterproof cover, made out of black PVC.  It has quick release sides to help with rapid covering, and removal when the equipment is being transported in extreme offshore weather conditions.

Designed for Delta modules - single or double option available.


  • The Extreme cover is a  lightweight cover that will help you protect your critical windfarm components, during transportation from the warehouse to both offshore and onshore wind turbines
  • Quick release fastening for ease of use
  • The Extreme cover is a reusable and sustainable inverter protective system that will help your business reduce warranty claims on your power modules

When to use

    • The Extreme cover provides additional protection from extreme weather conditions when transporting your delta modules.

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The DELTAsafe inverter protectic cover
The DELTAsafe inverter protectic cover



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