CABLESafe helps protect workers from dropped objects in the wind industry

Dropped Objects (DO’s) pose a common risk across offshore wind vessels and infrastructure, throughout the installation and operational phases.

Dropped objects can present a fourfold threat to the safety of personnel, the integrity of equipment, financial performance and ultimately the reputation of offshore wind farms, and their high profile stakeholders.

A report by Dropsafe assesses the scale of the challenge faced by the wind industry and takes a look at the lessons learnt from other sectors, to outline the key areas of Dropped Object risk in offshore wind development and operation.

View The Neglected Hazard – A Guide to Dropped Objects Risks in Offshore Wind

Introducing CABLESafe

CABLESafe is a protective cover designed to safeguard technicians by removing the danger of dropped objects falling between the upper & lower platforms of turbines whilst work is taking place.

Find out how CABLESafe can help protect your technicians.