The DELTAsafe system helps reduce the risk of heavy lifting during wind turbine installation

The DELTAsafe® our innovative inverter protective system reduces the risk to your critical components during up tower lifting. 

During the installation and maintenance of wind turbines, one of the significant challenges and risks wind technicians face is up tower lifting. This activity requires highly specific equipment that combines complex engineering with the demands of limited space and health and safety requirements. Understandably, working at height and within the limited space of a wind turbine can become quite crowded, and it is essential to be aware that something may go wrong. Additionally, wind technicians conduct a significant number of lifts during installation or operations and maintenance.

Lifting is one of the main focus areas for safety within the wind industry. Wind farm operatives are required to take appropriate measures, or use the right means, in particular when using mechanical equipment, to avoid the need for the manual handling of loads by workers.  

To address this challenge, we developed a lightweight and robust inverter protective system,  designed specifically for the transportation and lifting of power inverters and DELTA modules on wind turbines –  the DELTAsafe inverter protective system.  

Would you like to learn more about how the DELTAsafe ® can help your O&M team improve their overall operational efficiency, and reduce manual handling by 90%?

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