The DELTAsafe – Strong on the outside. Safe on the inside.

A delta module inverter transportation and lifting protective bag that eliminates 90% of manual handling.

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Traditionally, Siemens Gamesa transported turbine Delta module inverters in cardboard boxes strapped to a pallet or traditional flight cases – typically this lead to every 3 out of 5 returned with non-recoverable damage resulting in a loss of over £100,000 each year

The requirement to improve the delta exchange operations led to a 5 years partnership between Workplace Worksafe and Siemens Gamesa to develop a new transportation method to enable the safe transportation of sensitive Delta Module inverters used on Siemens Gamesa offshore and onshore windfarms.

The result is the DeltaSAFE Delta module Inverter lifting bag. 


The DeltaSAFE Inverter lifting bag is an innovative LOLER compliant product that eliminates 90% of manual handling from the process.

The unique critical bag enables critical modules to be lifted using an innovative system that compliments the wind farm operational teamwork offshore and saw a reduction of 8 man-hours per turbine technicians significantly


The benefits of introducing the DELTAsafe Inverter lifting bag include:

  • Over 90% of manual handling eliminated from the process – proven minimum of 8 man hours saved per turbine
  • Business savings of over £100,000 (per site or turbine)
  • The product complies with LOLAR regulations
  • Significant reduction in warranty claims
  • Provides protection for the tower, as well as the components being transported/lifted
  • Inverter bags are reusable, with the client reporting bags being used over 100 times, 4 years after they were introduced to the site.


In the 4 years that Siemens Gamesa has been using the bags they have had zero warranty claims due to no damage being caused to modules during transportation. 

This is despite the bag being used globally, as far afield as Australia, the United States, Germany and the UK.  Previously the company would have had 3 in every 5 components returned damaged, needing to be either replaced or sent away for repairs.

Siemen’s client

Guy Dorrell of Siemens Gamesa said ‘The team at Workplace Worksafe rose to the challenge of finding an innovative and practical solution that has transformed the way we safely transport our wind turbine inverters.’