The DELTAsafe – Strong on the outside. Safe on the inside.

How we worked in partnership with Siemens Gamesa to design over innovative protective lifting system – the DELTAsafe.

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Traditionally, Siemens Gamesa transported Delta module inverters in cardboard boxes strapped to a pallet or traditional flight cases. This method resulted in three out of five returned with non-recoverable damage, and a loss of over £100,000 each year.

So, Siemens set us the challenge of improving delta exchange operations. Over the next five years, we worked in partnership with the wind farm technicians to uncover the challenges, and develop a new transportation method to enable the safe transportation of sensitive Delta module inverters for offshore and onshore windfarms.


The result was the design and manufacture of an innovative, lightweight, and strong multifunctional (3-1) inverter protective system for the transportation and lifting of power inverters, and DELTA modules – the DELTAsafe®  

Wind farm technicians can now lift critical modules using an innovative system that compliments the wind farm operational teamwork offshore. 

RESULTS – ZERO warranty claims

In the four years that Siemens Gamesa has been using The DELTAsafe® system, their operational teams reported no damage to the modules during transportation, leading to zero warranty claims. Previously, three in every five components were returned damaged and needed replacing or to be sent away for repairs. 

Siemens now use The DELTAsafe® across their Global wind farm operations including in Australia and The United States wind farm sites. 


  • The DELTAsafe ®’s innovative lightweight casing will help you protect your critical components, and reduce warranty claims on your power modules. 
  • The DELTAsafe ®’s smart features will help your O&M team improve their overall operational efficiency, and reduce manual handling by 90%  
  • The DELTAsafe® is a reusable, and sustainable inverter protective system that will help your business reduce costs and save-time 

Customer testimonial

Guy Dorrell of Siemens Gamesa said ‘The team at Workplace Worksafe rose to the challenge of finding an innovative and practical solution that has transformed the way we safely transport our wind turbine inverters.’

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