How off shore wind is generating local job creation

Working locally with Innogy

 innogy is one of the largest UK renewable energy companies, generating a third of all renewable energy in Wales. With 533 permanent staff in the UK, the company is one of the big players. innogy however, recognises how important it is to support the economy with job creation and creating strategic partnerships with local businesses wherever possible.

Working locally

Workplace Worksafe is a prime example of how innogy and the offshore wind industry has supported growth and development. Workplace Worksafe, based in Ruthin, North Wales, was established in 2005 by MD Rhian Parry as a leading supplier of personal protective equipment. The last 15 years have seen them grow to become one of the go-to companies for HSE and personal protection solutions. Following a competitive tender, Workplace Worksafe were awarded a contract to provide safety equipment for the team working on Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm.

The advantages of working with a local business supplier were apparent from the get go, as the Gwynt y Môr team were able to meet with Rhian in person to explain their specific safety needs and explore solutions to their unique operational challenges.

Driving safety innovation

It was during a workshop meeting that the need for the safe lifting of fragile equipment was discussed. Workplace Worksafe were challenged to come back with a safer and simpler solution for exchanging and moving the power inverter on site and offshore.

Rhian and the team at Workplace Worksafe took on the challenge and developed a prototype bag to use during transportation and lifting – the Deltasafe was born. After a few design changes to quicken the exchange process, the final product was approved and is now being used on wind farm sites across the globe.

Nathan Williams, Site Manager at Gwynt y Môr said, “What we needed, just wasn’t on the market. We were still a young industry and fast learning. With Rhian being located nearby, we could explain in person what we were after.”

Rhian Parry said

“We have grown exponentially and I am so proud to say that it all happens here in North Wales. There has been a lack of skilled employment opportunities but the offshore wind sector is creating more and more opportunities. I am so pleased to have been able to grow my business here and create 12 permanent skilled jobs. We are looking to expand further in the next 18 months.

“I am proud to be here supporting the wind farms off the coast of North Wales as well as those around the world. I am passionate about the area. I am lucky to have a fantastic team that are passionate about what they do. The fact that I am able to grow the business here and the team with it is what really drives me.”

“Offshore Wind is a big sector and involves big business but that’s not to say that smaller businesses cannot get involved and grow just like mine.”

As a result of this product being created, Workplace Worksafe has seen orders come in from around the world. Further products since then have been designed, developed and sold into the wind energy sector globally.

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