Windfarm Worksafe, a division of Workplace Worksafe, based in Ruthin, North Wales, look to expand internationally to further growth in a post-Brexit era.

Windfarm Worksafe, specialists in providing the wind energy industry with health and safety equipment, have launched a growth strategy to take advantage of the projected boom in the green renewables energy sector and expand their reach outside of the EU markets.

About Windfarm Worksafe

Windfarm Worksafe is a division of Workplace Worksafe (established in 2005), one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of health and safety equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and branded workwear.

Windfarm Worksafe was established in 2013, by Rhian Parry FCMI, AIOSH. The division was set up following increasing demand from its wind energy customers for specialist health and safety products, required to solve specific challenges during the installation and ongoing maintenance of wind farm turbines. Rhian Parry, MD, leads a team of wind industry health and safety customer advisors, who have over 20 years of experience in the sector.

Opportunities for Growth

Recent announcements by the UK government and the change in the direction for the offshore wind farm sector in North America mean that global opportunities outside the EU for companies operating in the renewables energy sector are significant. With the worldwide energy mix shifting from fossil fuels to renewables, wind and solar energy will lead the way for the transformation of the global electricity sector. Onshore and offshore wind together would generate more than one- third (35%) of total electricity needs, becoming the prominent generation source by 2050.

WFWS is positioned to take advantage of this growth. As an early innovator of specialist equipment for the offshore wind energy sector, WFWS has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. Establishing a collaborative relationship with leading energy companies, the business has witnessed considerable growth in its international business over the past three years within the EU.

Business Support from Welsh Government

Now, with support from Welsh Government, Windfarm Worksafe have been able to appoint two external consultants to help develop a strategic business and marketing plan. Recently appointed Becky Stark, International Trade Consultant, and Ruth Astbury, Marketing Consultant, are working closely with Rhian Parry on a project that will see the company consolidate the growth of its European market, and importantly establish a base in the lucrative North American green energy sec- tor.

Rhian Parry, FCMI, AIOSH, MD.

“The wind energy sector, is now at a tipping point globally, and we are excited about the prospect of taking the business forward into new international markets. We are thankful for the support and guidance we have received from the Welsh Government who have been helping us as we transition into a post-Brexit business era.

It takes years to gain the experience in wind farm operations and know-how of how to access the supply chains. We have been working hard over the last fifteen years to build knowledge and relation- ships with our energy customers.

We are looking forward to applying the knowledge we have achieved in our existing markets to grow in new markets, and with that, to create new job opportunities for our local community in North Wales.”

For more information, contact:

Rhian Parry MD

+44 (0) 1824 709 500

Market Data:

Figures for the US:

  • * Over 64,000 wind turbines 
  • ** Total US capacity is 110,000 MW – enough to power 33 million homes 
  • ** 7.2% of nation’s electricity in 2019 was powered by wind
  • ** US is investing over $208 billion in wind projects across the country
  • ** Traditionally onshore turbines, now starting to invest in offshore projects, with a target of 29GW by 2029

Figures for EU:

  • ***Europe added 502 new offshore wind turbines across 10 wind farms (3,623 MW)
  • Total offshore wind capacity in Europe now 22,072 MW; 5,047 grid connections over 110 wind 
  • farms in 12 countries
  • North Sea accounts for 77% of all off shore wind capacity in Europe 2019 – UK and Germany have almost 80% of the market – we are working with both and looking to expand further into these markets. 
  • The market for offshore wind energy in the United Kingdom is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 9% in the forecast period of 2020-2025. With the most cost-effective way of power generation, wind energy is leading the renewable energy market in the country. Moreover, with an installed capacity of more than 57 GW in 2018, the United Kingdom is the primary producer of wind power in Europe.


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**American Wind Association –

***EU stats taken from Wind Europe Report 2019 shore/european-offshore-wind-industry-key-trends-statistics-2019/