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Protective bag for safely transporting cylinders to the top of wind turbines.

About CYLINDERsafe

CYLINDERsafe is an innovative protective bag that has been specifically designed for use when transporting cylinders to the top of wind turbine towers.

CylinderSAFE Protective Bag Component Protector from Windfarm Worksafe
CylinderSAFE Component Protector

Key Features

  • Three standard sizes available
    • 1300mm x 260mm 
    • 1300mm x 350mm
    • 1890mm x 380mm
  • Includes a 5mm plastic protection tray at the bottom
  • Cushioned lifting bag
  • Uses harness technology on fall arrest


The CYLINDERsafe protective bag:

  • enables technicians to safely and securely carry gas cylinders up towers, without the fear of the cap being damaged during lifting
  • can be modified to lift other products e.g. pitch arm for use in towers due to its versatility
  • is cushioned to minimise risk and damage if product hits the tower during lifting 

Helping protect your critical components.

Time/Cost Saving Benefits

  • Cushioned to minimise risk and damage to tower if product hits the tower during lifting
Wind Turbines
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Quality & Standards

  • Conforms to load testing regulations, SWL 150kgs (or higher if needed) 
  • The product is fully compliant with our product specification which was developed in accordance with EN ISO 12100 and National Supply Legislation, LOLAR Regulations
  • Fully compliant with Section 6 of the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 for the UK.



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