DeltaSAFE Soft Bags save the wind industry millions in warranty charges and write-offs every year

The DELTASafe critical component protector soft bag from Workplace Worksafe has already saved the wind industry an estimated €30 million in damaged or destroyed power modules resulting from being dropped, knocked or simply mishandled on the way to the top of the turbine.

The fact that the average power module in a 3.6MW turbine costs in the region of €15,000, and that 8 are needed in this size of turbine, should not be missed by those responsible for minimising installation costs.

As the offshore industry expands and larger and larger turbines are installed, more power modules will be needed in each turbine and at greater cost.

It makes financial sense to invest in the critical component protector DeltaSAFE bag from Workplace Worksafe and ensure that damage and loss of these sensitive devices is kept to a minimum.

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