A fully waterproof protective liner for plastic
pallet boxes to keep components safe and dry.

About PALLETsafe

PALLETsafe is a fully waterproof protective liner for plastic pallet boxes, enabling technicians to keep components safe and dry whilst working on offshore vessels.

This fully waterproof liner has access points that marry up with the access points on plastic pallet boxes, enabling easy and simple access to components.

Key Features

The benefits of the PALLETsafe protective liner include:

    • Ability to store kit on deck without getting it wet
    • Ability to hoist it on the tower crane from vessel
    • Easy / rapid access to the side of the crate
    • Tough enough to withstand winter conditions on a vessel
    • Access points need to be waterproof to keep products inside dry

Product Development

Read the PALLETsafe Case Study to find out how this product was developed to provide an innovative solution to a transportation/logistical issue on a new offshore site.

PalletSAFE Component Protoector for Wind Industry Transortation
Wind turbine maintenance vessel



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